Our most important successes


We are obviously proud of our successes which include the following:                                                                                                                              



  • The Corona year comes to an end with the CSI** Oldenburg. A terrific Cornando & Niklas with 2nd place in the Grand Prix and Chaccara & Max with 4th place in the Ranking Jumping let us enjoy this last tournament of the year. Ireland & Mick rounded off the weekend with 2nd place in the 1.40m Amateur Tour.
  • We close the outdoor season with the DJM. We are proud to travel to Riesenbeck with 3 riders & 3 horses. As Appyday is still on convalescence leave, we are riding Ireland, Clou & Chaccara. All of them showed great performances, but everyone had a little slip-up here or there. So after a great final by Beeke & Max in the Young Riders, Chaccara ended up in 5th place and Clou in 10th place overall. 
  • Home is calling. Niklas wins the Saarland Grand Prix with Million Dollar Baby while the rest of the team rides in Valkenswaard. Beeke, Mick & Max love the scenery and pilot all the horses to placings & Chacci wins. 
  • Yes! The boys get to take the red jackets out of the wardrobe CSIOJY Wierden. Premiere for Mick in the junior camp. He makes it exciting. After a messed up 1st round he keeps his nerves and contributes with a terrific clear round with Appyday to the 2nd place in the Junior Nations Cup. Max's nerves, including those of the accompanying staff, are spared. After only one round with Chaccara it is clear: also 2nd place in the Nations Cup Young Riders. Finally Risohorse Carex jumps into 9th place in the Grand Prix.
  • Clou & Beeke grow together more and more: They safely landed in 5th place in the 1.45m Grand Prix of Goch!
  • A great weekend for Mick at the CSIJY Wipperfürth. After piloting Appyday to victory in an advanced level show jumping competition, both horses, Appyday and Ireland, went clear in the Grand Prix. Appyday then galloped to second place in the jump-off !
  • "All or nothing" is Niklas' motto at the U25 Jumping Cup qualification in Warendorf. And it all worked out. Victory in the 1.50m jumping class with Cornando!
  • Happy! We are allowed to go to the show again: 2 weeks Baltica Tour! With many nice and also some instructive rounds we enjoyed the almost normal tournament life. Niklas and Max are collecting ranking points in difficult jumping and Mick is thrilled with his new youngster Ireland, who is placing well next to Appyday.   
  • Now it's #stayhome for the time being thanks to Corona
  • Corona makes the CSI*** Dortmund in March a shaky affair. In the last jumping competition before the show was cancelled, the Championships, Niklas & Contan jumped into 9th place and Max & Risohorse Carex into 13th place with a time fault.
  • They almost managed to defend their title in the Neumünster Championships. Chacci & Max were narrowly beaten into second place....we are just as proud of Cornando & Niklas as we are of the two of them. Only the time prevented this new pair from entering the jump-off.
  • And again new faces! Beeke and Quantify placed second in the advanced level show jumping competition in Herford, right in front of Niklas and Million Dollar Baby.
  • A great start at the CSI***** Partner Pferd Leipzig. Victory in the opening jumping for Chaccara, Conmiro Grande 2nd place Youngster Tour and Risohorse Carex 3rd place Golden Saddle. Mick & Appyday also enjoy the great atmosphere and come 2nd in the 1.40 Amateur Tour.


  • At the end of the year, new (horse) faces appear: At the CSI Lichtenvoorde, Oldie Crüger wins the U25 Grand Prix, but Risohorse Carex with Max and Clou with Beeke place internationally for the first time. Appyday la Vallee with Mick has a slight mistake at the first jump in the Junior Grand Prix.... Let's see what the next season brings!
  • At the end of October it's time for Niklas, Max & Equipe Chef Martin to pack their bags for the Nations Cup CSIOY Tianjin, China. Max and Niklas are doing quite well, only team rider Tim is lacking the final harmony. A short horse swap with Niklas and now it also works with Casper. Second place in the Nations Cup is celebrated with the colleagues from South Africa and Jamaica.
  • With a great team and many helpers, our riding club put on an unforgettable "Riders Help Children" tournament. Here Beeke starts for the first time in our stable colours and with our horses. Great results, placings & victories not only for her, but for all riders of our stable! 
  • German Friendship: Not only meeting Jürgen Klinsmann was something special. Our two horses Cilli Lou & Barmenia were also special. They made it easy for their new riders Laila Klinsmann and Mick and so the two jumped to 2nd place in the overall ranking. 
  • the plan worked out: in July we will travel to the EURO with 2 horses. This time to Zuidwolde, the Netherlands! With the fans keeping their fingers crossed, we won the bronze medal in the team, 10th place for Niklas and 13th place for Max in the individual competition. 
  • Mick shows his skills at the Weser-Ems Championships at the end of June. Vice state champion with Conquest. And afterwards he wins his 2nd 1.40m class in Melle-Ostenfelde on Charis.
  • Future Champions. Last Euro evaluation for Max & Niklas. And both hold their own: with their ability, their nerves of steel, their great horses and of course the super trainer: Chaccara double zero in the Nations Cup & also Contan no hurdle on the way is too high, the zero stands :)
  • Niklas' winning streak continues: 3 clear rides, 1st place in the final and thus victory in the Prize of the Best Young Riders. Maybe it will be possible to go to the Euro again with 2 riders from the stable? In any case, there are already 2 riders in the national squad. Congratulations!
  • next stop: CSIOJY Lamprechtshausen. It stopped raining, but luckily there are more ribbons. Niklas wins the Nations Cup with Contan and the EY Cup with White Shot over 1.45m. In his first Junior GP Mick comes 9th on Conquest.
  • In May boarding the trucks heading south. Station 1: Sauersberger Youngstars with the Flick family. Here it rains tins, but to everyone's delight also yellow ribbons: Niklas wins the advanced (S) level show jumping on Saturday with Landprincess and Mick wins the Grand Prix with Charis. His first 1.40m jumping competition!
  • Things continue well at home. Horses & Dreams starts as soon as we get back. All horses jump great! Our Brilliant Chaccara shines the most: 3rd place in the Championat von Hagen.
  • Mick packs his bags. Off to Uzbekistan: World Championships Children in Tashkent. Team Gold, the Best Style Award and a lot of new friends & experiences we take home with us. Mick was lucky in the draw with Choupette. Only a mistake on the last jump in the final prevented an individual medal. The experience will not only be remembered by the proud parents!
  • In April we start the outdoor season. Max starts with a 3rd place in the Nations Cup at the CSIOY Opglabbeek on Chaccara and Niklas shines with Contan at the CSI*** Lanaken: 2nd place in the Grand Prix!
  • Niklas starts his year in Braunschweig. He confidently steers Contan to bronze in the German Indoor Championships and our newcomer Una Beretta shines under Niklas with a 3rd place in the National Final.
  • A brilliant start to the year: As the youngest competitor, Max wins the Neumünster Championships with Chaccara! We will never forget the raving audience and the great atmosphere :) 


  • At the end of the show year we travel to Salzburg again: Crüger & Max manage a victory in the Championships and a 2nd place in the 2*Grand Prix of Salzburg. Chaccara finishes the show with a 4th place in the final of the European Youngster Cup over 1,55m.
  • Our horses love Aachen: Conquest wins the 2nd qualifier and the final of the Children Tour with Mick. Crüger & Max secure the victory of the Weser-Ems team with two clear rounds and Niklas comes 4th with Contan in the Young Riders Grand Prix.
  • Verden: Fairness Prize & 2 wins and placings for White Shot, Conquest and Mick in the Children Tour, Niklas wins with Clarissa and Max with Charis.
  • after the party it's on: Max wins with Chaccara in the Grand Prix of Rulle and Niklas starts right away with a win on Landprincess
  • DJM Munich: Let's do it again: German Champion Juniors old and new Chaccara & Max! The two have nerve! Amazing! Mick on Conquest finishes 8th after an unlucky start and nice further rounds
  • Global Future Champions Valkenswaard: Max wins 1,50m jumping with Condor and Sonnenblümchen wins with Mick in the Children Tour
  • Mathis placed in the U25 Final at the Aachen Soers with Mocca
  • Annual goal achieved: both children go to EURO!!!!! Mick & Conquest return with a gold medal in the team. In the individual classification, a mistake in the final prevented a top place. Unfortunately Chaccara is injured and cannot finish the tournament. 
  • and Hagen again: At the Future Champions for Mick & Conquest victory in the Nations Cup and after a terrific jump-off 2nd place in the Children's Grand Prix. In the Nations Cup of the Juniors, Crüger carried Max to 3rd place without a jumping fault. 
  • Prize of the Best: Mick & Conquest amaze everyone: It doesn't get any faster than this! Thanks to a fast jump-off in the Children's gold medal!!!!!!! and Max with Crüger & Chaccara in his usual calmness and consistency: 3rd & 4th place in the Juniors.   
  • Scharnebeck: Mathis wins 4 jumping classes: S** with Mocca, S* with Amarilla and twice with Voll Toll.
  • The dress rehearsal for the Euro was more than successful. CSIO Fontainebleau: The Grand Prix of the Juniors goes to Chaccara with Max! And the German kids shine in the Nations Cup: with the help of Conquest & Mick they win!
  • A great weekend at Horses and Dreams: Chaccara & Max stay clear all rounds and are placed every round up to 1,50m, Landprincess & Mathis are placed 4th in the run-in jumping...and he can shoot: 2nd place in the Riding Biathlon with Amarilla. Mick is placed every round in the Amateur Tour with Charis and Conquest makes the triple perfect: 3 wins in the 1.35 Tour.
  • German Championships for Professional Riders: The title was almost defended: After a change of horses, Louis Vuitton becomes the most successful horse. He remained clear with all riders! A mistake in the horse change prevented Mathis from winning the title again. Congratulations on bronze! 
  • In Opglabbeeck, Belgium, we have a great start to the outdoor season: Danger Man Mick takes 2nd place in the Children's Grand Prix with Conquest. Chaccara & Max secure the victory in the Nations Cup of the Juniors with 2 clear rounds.
  • Gothenburg: A great end to the indoor season: Chaccara wins the first two jumping competitions of the U25 Tour and comes 2nd with Max in the final


  • we finish the show year in Salzburg: 2 wins for Mick & Sonnenblümchen, Crüger & Max manage a win in 1,45m and a 3rd place in the final of the European Youngster Cup over 1,55m
  • besides Hagen our horses also like Aachen Chaccara & Crüger secure Max the title of German Indoor Champion at the Salut Festival and Conquest gives Mick a great 9th place in the Children's classification
  • DJM Aachen: German Junior Champion: Chaccara & Max and with arm plaster Mick on Conquest makes it into the final after 2 days of training
  • Off to the Euro for Max and Crüger in Samorin, Slovakia. In the team, the juniors fight their way from 10th to 3rd place in the last round after an exciting jump-off with France.
  • Global Future Champions Valkenswaard: Max wins his first 1.50m jumping competition with Crüger
  • Premiere for Mathis at Aachen Soers: Landprincess placed in every competition of the U25 Tour
  • We feel good in Hagen: At Future Champions Max wins the Grand Prix with Charis and Mick shines with Sonnenblümchen: 8th place Grand Prix Children. In the Nations Cup Crüger carries Max to 2nd place. 
  • 1st Nations Cup Children for Mick & Conquest: With two clear rounds they contribute to the victory in Ciekocinko, Poland
  • Prize of the Best: Bronze medal for Max and 8th place for Mick  
  • Mannheim: Mathis wins the 1st qualification in the U25 Cup with Landprincess and wins the final with For Success 
  • In Belgium Max wins the Nations Cup of the Juniors with the German team, Mick places in the Children's Grand Prix over 1.30m 
  • Horses and Dreams goes well for everyone: Mick wins his first 1.25m with Toscana, Max wins with Chaccara at 1.40m and receives his golden riding badge in a moving ceremony. Mathis triumphs in all tests: Landprincess wins 1.45m and places in 1.50m, For Success comes second in the championship over 1.55m and after a slight mistake in the jump-off comes 8th in the Grand Prix of Hagen (1.60m).
  • The dream team Mathis Schwentker & For Success become grandiose German Champion of the Professional Riders. Also in the change of horses For Success remains faultless with all riders and becomes best horse. 
  • In Lier, Belgium, Mick makes it into the jump-off in the Children's Grand Prix with Toscana & Conquest and places excellently. Max completes the necessary successes for his Golden Riding Badge with a victory and a placing at 1.40/1.45m. 


  • Rulle becomes Freddy's tournament: 1st day: Grand Tour 2nd place with Landprincess, 2nd day: Championat winner with Finaretta, 3rd day: 2nd place in Grand Prix S*** with Finaretta  
  • DJM Riesenbeck: Mick succeeds his first German Championships with Zalina after 2 clear qualifications and reaches the final. Silver medal for Max and Charis in the Juniors.
  • Max is appointed to the national junior squad with Charis.
  • CSIO Wierden: Max wins the Nations Cup Juniors with the German team on Charis, Mick completes his first appearance under national trainer Eberhard Seemann brilliantly: 2nd place in 1.25m Children's
  • Braunschweig: Max and Charis win the German Young Talents Championships, the HGW Prize, after an exciting change of horses.


  • Salut Festival Aachen: Max returns successfully to the junior camp with Charis and a 5th place in the overall standings.
  • Bundeschampionat Warendorf: Lopez GR and Frank Lugge placed excellently 
  • CSIO Arezzo: 4th place in the Nations' Cup for Frederick and Charis
  • CHIO Aachen: at the Aachen Soers Charis and Freddy placed 4th in U25 Final over 1.50m
  • Mick wins his first A** and places in his first elementary level jumping classes with Killacloran Cove, Western Blaze and Concord. 
  • Pico and Wild at Heart qualified for the European Pony Championships in Malmö
  • CSIO Wierden: Max and Pico victorious with the German pony team in the Nations Cup
  • CSI Munich: Frederick wins the 1st qualification of U25Tour (1.45m) with Clitschko and finishes 6th in the 1.50m Final with Charis
  • Prize of the Best: Silver medal for Max with Wild at Heart, 4th overall with Pico and finally a great performance by Aquino in the 1.45m jumping class for juniors: 3rd place
  • CSIOP Fontaineblau: 4th place in the Nations Cup with Wild at Heart and most successful rider of the show with his two ponies Wild at Heart and Pico


  • CSIO Chevenez: Max and Florida Lady Ixes: Place 2 in the Nations Cup Children and the both win the Grand Prix
  • German Championship Zeiskam: Champion of "Children": Max with Florida Lady Ixes
  • CSIO Budapest: Nations Cup for Frederick and Charis: Place 6!
  • European Championship Arezzo: Team-Bronze-Medal for Max and Florida Lady Ixes at the Children
  • Weser-Ems-Championship Cloppenburg: Champion of "Juniors" & first 1,40m-class Win: Max with Florida Lady Ixes and Place 4 at the "Ponies"
  • Horses and Dreams: Frederick get his honour, the "Goldene Reitabzeichen" 
  • CSIOCH San Marino: Max starts in his first Nations Cup Children: Place 3! Double-clear round with Aquino
  • CSN Verden: Frederick and Charis win the Championat of Verden on Saturday evening
  • CSI***** Leipzig: Frederick and Florida Lady Ixes are victorious in the final of the German Horse Pellets Tour


  • German Championship in München: 5. Place Max with Flashlight
  • Weser-Ems-Championship Cloppenburg: Meisterin at "Young Riders": Julia with Charis