Next to our own achievements the success of the horses we have sold reflects upon the quality of our efforts. Our horses with their new riders can be found in top finishes in domestic as well as international well-known competitions. Here are a few examples:


The success of our customers



    Conquest, Quinturo, Corzet, Quantify
Rider:   Anna & Sven Ebert, Deutschland
Achievements:   “Sächsischer” Junior Champion, national & international successful until 1.45m


    Zalina, Vulcain D'Ouilly, Tenterhofs Cantuccini, Bognar Le Moon
Rider:   Merleen & Henning Athens, Deutschland
Achievements:   “Westfälischer” Junior Champion, Nations Cup Juniors, national & international successful until 1.50m


Horse: Campari
Rider:   Ahmed Ragab, Egypt
Achievements:   several times egypt champion, successful in national and international Grand Prix

Horses: Lasse K, Che Fantastica
Rider:   Philipp Weishaupt, Germany
Achievements:   successful until CSI*****

Horse: Chico Bonito
Rider:   Tim Rieskamp-Gödeking, Germany
Achievements:   successful until 1,55m, Winner Grand Prix "Reiter helfen Kindern" 2019

Horses: Sequel, Sugar, Sartre etc.
Rider:   Terry Brown, USA
Achievements:   victorious especially in Hunter competitions

Horse: Cassandra
Rider:   Christopher Kläsener, Germany
Achievements:   Winner Grand Prix Verden 2018, Winner Grand Prix Neumünster 2018 ( 1.55m)

Horse: Cash
Rider:   Marco Kutscher, Germany
Achievements:   several times victorious in international show jumping until CSI*****

We would like to thank all of our customers that we couldn't all personally mention here for the trust which they place in us. We wish you continued success!