Riding: An extraordinary way of life


Our team love the way of life and the varied work with the horses. Thank you for doing a great job with all our animals and for always taking care of them.



Maurice Hoffmann   

  • born on 30.12.1999
  • after graduating school, completes training to "Pferdewirt" with honor (''Stensbeck'')
  • since young years active as a showjumper
  • successfully competing up to advanced level
  • since July 2022 in our stable 
  • Responsibility: Training and Presentation of our jumpers 



Gerhard Ehrenbrink   

  • born on 06.03.1968
  • after graduating school, completes training to a carpenter
  • connected with the equestrian sport and our stable since his younger days
  • In company since 2013 
  • Responsibility: Organize and maintenance of the courtyard 



Beeke Carstensen   

  • born on 09.06.2001 
  • after graduating school completed her training as "Speditionskauffrau"
  • since her earliest childhood successful in riding
  • successful participation in national and international horse shows until CSI***, German Championships and Nation Cups  
  • 2014: Bronze Medal European Championship Team Children; 2015: European Champion Team Children, Deutsche Meisterin Children, Gold Medal Preis der Besten Children; 2017: Bronze Medal European Championship Team Junioren, Gold Medal Preis der Besten Junioren; 2019: Silver Medal European Championship Team Junioren, Silver Medal Preis der Besten; 2020: 10th YoungRider German Championship
  • Honor: "Goldenes Reitabzeichen"
  • since august 2019 in our stable next to her education 



Luca Sophia Collin   

  • born on 24.09.2001 
  • 2016 she discovered the dressage sport for herself
  • 2022 she successfully completed her training to "Pferdewirt"
  • highly successful participation at national and international shows, German Championships & Nation Cups
  • 2019: Rhineland Champion; 2020: Silver Medal European Championships Team Young Riders, German Champion; 2021: Gold Medal at ''Preis der Besten'' Young Riders, Silver Medal European Championships Team & Bronze in Individual, German Champion, Vice-Bundeschampion in 4-year-old riding horses
  • Honor: ''Goldenes Reitabzeichen''
  • Area of responsibility: dressage training and work with the horses



Pauline Finger   

  • born on 28.08.1997
  • closely connected to equestrian sports since childhood
  • currently studies Business Management at the HS Osnabrück
  • since April 2018 support in dressage work of the horses